@modernTman - Exposing Our Food Supply Chains #266
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@modernTman - Exposing Our Food Supply Chains #266

Jul 8 2022 • 2hr 3m
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Today's guest on the show is @modernTman who comes back to update us on what has been happening in the world of shaking your rancher's hand!

How has @modernTman been gaining the trust of ranchers in the USA and how can we push forward the global initiative of securing our food supply?

What is the best way to approach ranchers/farmers when trying to educate them about #Bitcoin?

Why have meat processing companies been fined tens of millions of dollars over the last 2 years?

What really happened with that line of piled-up dead cattle that we saw videos of on the internet?

How are farmers getting squeezed by meat processing and insurance companies and how does #bitcoin fix this?

A huge thank you to @modernTman who has been a shining light in the space trying to get our #foodintelligence up to speed.

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Great show. Sound levels on the interview were very low, the intro was 3x the volume.
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thanks for the heads up!
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