Episode 63: Non-Consensual Financial Choking
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Episode 63: Non-Consensual Financial Choking

12 Feb • 58m
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Show Notes

Pretyflaco's fundraiser for Turkish earthquake relief (
The UK believes that 'Britcoin' (,a government digital curency, will be deployed this decade
Localbitcoins, a decentralized-ish peer to peer bitcoin exchange, is shuting down operations (
Localbitcoins was mentioned in the bitzlato documents (
Might be due to general pressure on many bitcoin businesses
Binance, the offshore crypto exchange controled by CZ, is cut off from the USD banking system (
This is a deathblow if they don't solve it quickly
Is this a coordinated effort to push bitcoin/crypto businesses ( out of the banking system?
Monetary Policy, specifically quantitative tightening, doesn't take money out of the righ places ( in the economy
Telegram, the Russian billionare owned chat app, seems to be sharing user messages to the Kremlin (
Bitcoin Education
The Coldcard Q1 hardware wallet was announced and looks like a blackberry (, so lets talk hardware wallets
Bitcoin Optech #237 covers 'storing data on the blockchain' (, yes its about Ordinals
Remember to get in touch or @bitcoindadpod ( on twitter
Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (, details here (
From: anonymous
10,000 sats
Thoughts on stratum V2 and its relative progress towards becoming the standard for pools? The Luxor incident seems to have highlighted the need for this.
Stratum V2 (
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5,000 sats
13 Feb
I am not a robosats hater! You said you prefer lightning because it's cheaper to get the sats home. That was exactly my question! Don't you still need an on chain transaction to get them in cold storage? Are you buffering lots of small buys in a lightning wallet and doing one big on chain transaction? I like lightning for boosting and payments, but I don't see it for long term storage. I for one like the dad only shows. At least I don't get accused of being a hater :p
3,000 sats
14 Feb
great Podcast
2,222 sats
16 Feb
2,222 sats
12 Feb
What's the rationale for trying to raise the unemployment rate? Is this a weird USA thing or would that happen here in Aus as well? Must be a weird position to be the person trying to make more people jobless (unless it is a voluntary type of jobless).
13 Feb
Demand destruction. Unemployment rate higher = less people working. Less people working = less consumer spending. Less consumer spending = less demand. Less demand = lower prices. Lower prices = lower "inflation" according to whatever metric they're using at the time (traditionally has been CPI). It's pretty horrible when you think about it
12 Feb
this isn’t a US thing .. it’s a fiat / Keynesian thing. They even occasionally slip up and admit it. The best way I can explain is they are trying to throttle the economy so that growth slows down and inflation slows down.
1,111 sats
12 Feb
I really enjoy chapters as well. Would be great if you could add images as well. I like having that extra visual element when you are talking about a person or graph as you do quite often 😁
100 sats
13 Feb
Wow, Men your Knowledge and News went from Turkey to England to Banking to Money use in the World and to Crypto. It was and is all tied together..Crazy good Show …