Episode 7: FUD vs Education
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Episode 7: FUD vs Education

Apr 3 2022 • 1hr 2m
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Latest Attacks on Bitcoin
Energy FUD
Proof of stake proponents attack Bitcoin's energy usage ( to justify the existence of their own centralized, self-serving projects
Research on bitcoin's energy impact ( suggests the energy concerns are not credible
Claims that bicoin wastes energy ( are easily dismissed with data
#### Attack on Self-Custody
EU seems to be planning to ban crypto self-custody (
It's so bad even Brian Armstrong of Coinbase doesn't like it (
5a. In the case of a transfer of crypto-
assets to an unhosted wallet, the crypto-
asset service provider of the originator or
other obliged entity shall obtain and
retain the information referred to in
paragraphs 1 and 2 from its customer,
where available, and make such
information available to competent
authorities upon request
Democrats propose bill to create private ecash ( instead of a CBD
And it's Rohan Grey again
Bitcoin Education
Take Gary Genslers MIT blockchain class ( and become an expert
Interesting to learn what the head of the SEC thinks about BTC
Very bullish on permissioned blockchains - wrong on that
The bitcoin whitepaper ( is a surprisingly accessible read. Check it out!
the bitcoin dad on how to dismiss 99% of altcoins without remorse
Understand the BTC vs ETH blockchain size ( as a mental shortcut to understanding most altcoins (and why they don't work)
Even Vitalik thinks ETH doesn't really work (
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Apr 11 2022
Yeah.... telling my Japanese wife that "fukushima was a win".... that is not going to go over well, rofl
500 sats
Apr 11 2022
I am sure he takes two thumbs and points to himself, saying "I'm the Musk".
200 sats
Apr 5 2022
I'm really liking the podcast. Do you know if there are other platforms like to support other types of media via the Lightning network
200 sats
Jul 11 2022
Fantastic episode! I’ll be sharing it with a lot of folks, in its entirety. Keep up the great work. one of my favourite podcasts in the Bitcoin and macro realm.
100 sats
Jun 28 2022
Here's a not pity "Hey, Chris!"
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Sep 22 2022
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Sep 15 2022