@douglasbakkum - Does Airgap Make Bitcoin Hardware Wallets More Secure? #214

@douglasbakkum - Does Airgap Make Bitcoin Hardware Wallets More Secure? #214

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Today's guest on the show is @douglasbakkum who joins me to talk about whether or not Airgap technology makes #bitcoin wallets any more secure.

This conversation was sparked by the recent blog post that @shiftcrypto released regarding their deep dive study into airgap technology.

Why were their customers requesting for this feature to be built into the Bitbox and are there some misconceptions about the added security benefits?

What did @douglasbakkum and the @Shiftcrypto team discover when they back tested some previous hacks? If an air-gapped solution had been in place, would it have stopped the attackers?

What does the future hold for this technology and hardware wallets in general?

A huge thanks to @douglasbakkum for coming on the show and for the continued work and effort put into making #bitcoin accessible and safe for everyone to use.

I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

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