Talking In Bits- Under the Influence Ep. 2
Talking In Bits

Talking In Bits- Under the Influence Ep. 2

27 May • 1hr 16m
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Show Notes

On the last Friday of the month, I sit down with my friend Kevin Stonehands from Unchained with an open-door TFTC Studio to talk about bitcoin and the failing Banking system.

In this episode, we talk about the following:

Go Karts are awesome
Bear market excitements
Bad moves, collapses, new beginnings, growth!
All eyes on collaborative custody
The device wars are getting hot again!
Ledger - sharting out seeds everywhere
People waking up to multisig and Bitcoin-only devices
Philosophy and funding clashing yet again
We are still seeing banking failures
The collapses will continue until morale improves - all banks are insolvent.
USA debt ceiling
The government manages money worse than banks, lol
Trillion-dollar coin fantasy
Gov’t would only stop paying some bills - Mark Moss thread
Tuur Bitcoin Boom report

Anyone can walk into the Bitcoin Commons and end up gracing us with their presence. Tune In!
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1,000 sats
3 Jun
Great conversation! When you doing the next Under The Influence? Maybe I'll join you in Austin.
Last Friday of each month, come on down!