Episode 11: Side Talk Spectacular
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Episode 11: Side Talk Spectacular

Apr 24 2022 • 1hr 53m
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Crypto schadenfreude: yes, most DAOs are just a convenient structure for scamming (
Turkey bans cryptocurrency ( for transactions
Matt Levine's breakdown of the Terra-Luna ( peg and Ponzinomic strategy
Last year he broke down the IRON-TITAN stablecoin failure ( which is illuminating as to the weaknesses of a two coin system
IMF's Global Financial Stability Report ( is almost an add for bitcoin
Ukraine's Central Bank Bans Crypto Purchases in Local Currency (
Israel Adds Yuan to $206 Billion Reserves in ‘Philosophy’ Change (
Israel's central bank adds the Chinese yuan and three other currencies to its $206 billion reserves, reducing the allocation for the dollar and the euro.
To accommodate the changes, the euro’s share will fall to 20% -- the lowest in at least a decade -- from just over 30%, while the dollar will account for 61%, down from 66.5%. The pound’s weighting, by contrast, will almost double to 5%, returning to a level last seen in 2011.
The greenback’s share, by contrast, has fallen to the lowest since 1995
Bitcoin Education
Taro is the new color coin ( protocol from lightning labs
Color coins have existed for a while on bitcoin, but this protocol seems stablecoin focused
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stacker news (
We never actually explain why the mempool cleared in 2021: batching transactions by exchanges, segwit, and lightning
Podcasting 2.0 to support an indepenent podcasting ecosystem (
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Apr 25 2022
Liquid and RSK can already do tokens as a side chain to Bitcoin. Spacechains are another way to build almost any blockchain you want from Bitcoin mining fees. Taro is just the newest idea to do tokens on Bitcoin.
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Apr 25 2022
Hey Chris, you know when you make a joke and it sounds good in your head then sounds like a hateful slight directed at your favorite podcaster when it’s read aloud? Well, that’s what I experienced this week when you guys read my last boost. Sorry for mocking you about pronouncing usernames. You handled it with class. Oh, and I called them Brave Attention Tokens and the proper name is actually Basic Attention Token. I’m an idiot all around. AGuyNamedRyan
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Sep 20 2022