BCB034_ROBERT BREEDLOVE: Protecting Private Property & Ditching Santa Clause
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BCB034_ROBERT BREEDLOVE: Protecting Private Property & Ditching Santa Clause

Dec 12 2021 • 1hr 6m
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Acclaimed entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher Robert Breedlove joins Josh & Dan for a wild, productive, and cosmic conversation that meanders through a number of topics inside and outside Bitcoin.
Bitcoin as insurance on central banking
Why dogma is unhealthy
How fiat violates private property
Spirituality, religion & Christianity
Rob’s move away from Santa Clause
Sex on your birthday...& much more

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Robert Breedlove is an acclaimed entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher. He's possesses a truly special voice and perspective, with writing and speaking skills that boggle the mind. Rob characterizes himself as a freedom maximalist, someone deeply passionate about defending human rights of life, liberty & property. He’s come to Bitcoin because of the way he believes it advances of individual sovereignty & freedom in the world.  He is the host of his own podcast, the "What Is Money?" Show, and he regularly appears on other podcasts and media outlets. He’s had riveting discussions with the likes of Michael Saylor, Eric Weinstein, Preston Pysh, Jordan Petersen and the list could go on.  He co-authored the book "Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption, and Redemption of Money," and he regularly posts robust articles on Medium.
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