Episode 25: Token Gestures
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Episode 25: Token Gestures

Jun 25 2022 • 1hr 8m
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Show Notes

Lyn Alden's June newsletter is all about Demand Destruction (
El Salvador’s government is gambling on bitcoin ( The Economist magazine on the problems of the Bukele Regime
SBF the founder of FTX wants to be an altcoin central bank ( except not really
Aaaand he's providing $250m of revolving credit ( to Blockfi
Solend, Solana based lending protocol, wanted to steal a whale's $120m deposit, got backlash, so now want to rugpull liquidate in a different way (
DuckDuckGo searches seem to be plateauing (, might just be a blip but demand for privacy seems to be a persistent issue
Former lead dev of Wasabi 2.0 Wallet thinks the latest release is not safe to use (
Wasabi says it's not being reckless, the release is just so great it doesn't need testing (
We mention Bloom Filters (, a fascinating bit of bitcoin engineering
China weaponizing health screening codes ( to crush protestors against bank account confiscations
A CBDC would cut out several steps in this problem
Bitcoin Education
Bolt Hackathon tutorials ( on youtube if you want to get started building on lightning
Certified Bitcoin Professional test (
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10,000 sats
Jun 27 2022
I’ve thought a lot about how to host Bitcoin services on the public internet without exposing my home IP address and without spending a fortune on a VPS with enough storage for a full Bitcoin node. I’ve come up with a solution that leverages wireguard and firewalld. The server doing the heavy lifting resides on my home network and proxies the internet traffic through an inexpensive VPS. I document the setup in this blog post:
6,666 sats
Jun 30 2022
Funny title. Doing a Boost check after a report that they were failing in the Matrix chat.
5,000 sats
Jun 29 2022
Good episode. My opinion is duckduckgo searches are down because people that care about privacy also care about censorship. i do not need anyone censoring my searches for my own good.
3,690 sats
Jun 27 2022
2,222 sats
Jul 1 2022
here is some love
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Jun 25 2022
Hey guys, I've been listening for a while since Chris mentioned the podcast on Linux Unplugged. With the high entry price to mining Bitcoin; it's not really feasible for someone at home to mine it. However, I do have some GPU's and was mining ETH to offload to LTC and BTC. Once it goes to ETH2 though it's no longer possible. What do you think about RVN and ERG as alternatives and just keeping them?
500 sats
Jun 25 2022
420 sats
Jul 7 2022
love the humur you both bring to the show , hearing the show end with you two larp-ing fave me a good Laugh
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Jul 3 2022
Stefan Molynuex has explained his beliefs in a short video. He sounds reasonable to me, focusing on phisophical ideas and morality. See for yourself:
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Jun 30 2022
I’m glad you got your lightening situation fixed. the second I heard you needed help, I figured it was time I grabbed Umbrel and helped setup a lightning channel for dear ol’ Bitcoin Dad. It’s been over a week and my poor Raspberry Pi seems to be asymptomatically approaching 35% synchronization of the Bitcoin chain. But hey, if it ever completes, I’ll see about that lightning channel!
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Jun 30 2022
also testing a low value boost from fountain
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Jun 28 2022
test with voltage
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Jun 29 2022
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Jun 26 2022
my new favorite bitcoin pod!
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Sep 12 2022
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Sep 12 2022