The False Self with Ryan Cristian
Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb

The False Self with Ryan Cristian

22 Sep • 2hr 46m
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Show Notes

In this episode, Whitney and Ryan discuss how the epidemic of narcissism feeds the ambitions of the powers that be and leads many to invest in a false, virtual self.
Show notes
Originally published 09/19/23.

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200,000 sats
27 Sep
love you, Whitney!
11,111 sats
24 Sep
understandable why you dont like talking about this shit, but Im grateful you did. this was an amazing episode. thanks for all your hard work and soooo glad to hear things are looking up for the lil guy. and fuck JV, always thought there was something shady about him.
10,000 sats
24 Sep
thank you for sharing your story. good luck with your son’s recovery. wishing him and you a speedy recovery
8,008 sats
26 Sep
4,000 sats
27 Sep • Fountain Web
1,130 sats
25 Sep
Great episode, glad you are back and your munchkin is doing better than before. This episode makes me want to be less of an asshole
1,001 sats
22 Sep
Haven't watched it yet, but I just found it funny that the topic of this episode is what I was just thinking about. Also really cool to see Unlimited Hangout on Fountain!
1,001 sats
22 Sep
Wishing you all the best, Whitney 🙏
1,000 sats
26 Sep
I appreciate you putting this out into the world even though it probably wasn’t enjoyable. There are a lot of good people out there, and some shitty ones as well. Here’s to hoping you find more good ones
500 sats
24 Sep
thank you Whitney for all that you w
360 sats
24 Sep
Thank you for everything you do Whitney.
124 sats
23 Oct
You know.