Working within the constraints ft. Dhruv Bansal
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Working within the constraints ft. Dhruv Bansal

30 Nov • 1hr 4m
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Show Notes

In episode 89, we’re back with the Co-founder of Unchained, Dhruv Bansal
- Dhruv's Bitcoin origin story
- Cycles of FUD it’s always the same
- Early resources
- Making of HODL wave
- The thesis of Hodl
- The creation of Unchained
- Who’s going to trust us with their bitcoin?
- Multisig protects us against ourselves
- Notion of constraints
- Unchained stands strong during the collapse
- How to not turn evil
- Bitcoin changes us
- Is the money aspect the most important part
And more!

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10,000 sats
30 Nov
Great job on Simply Bitcoin! Cool to hear the collab.
1,000 sats
30 Nov
Keep doin what ur doin man
100 sats
3 Dec
❤️censorship resistant media, keep it up!