Seedsigner is the ultimate signing device ft Keith Mukai
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Seedsigner is the ultimate signing device ft Keith Mukai

23 Nov • 1hr 55m
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Show Notes

In episode 88, we’re back with Keith Mukai from the Seedsigner project.

- 20 years of programing
- Meeting Seedsigner the man
- Bad python code
- Keith before bitcoin
- Programming shitcoins leads to bitcoin
- Base layer and layer 2
- Lightning trends to custodial
- Best newbie wallet onboarding
- Tor vs. Tailscale
- Seedsigner
- Trust HWW build?
- Passphrase?
- Pepperoni pizza QR code?
- Signing flow for Seedsigner
- Global support for Seedsigner
- El Salvador stories
And more!

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33,000 sats
23 Nov
Boost! great conversation 👍
19,760 sats
23 Nov
Very interesting convo about Seedsigner... Definitely gonna look into that. also... I have one of those Start9 servers in the works also. I'm probably gonna be blowing up your inbox with a bunch of dumb questions. Y'all have a good one...
1,234 sats
23 Nov
500 sats
27 Nov
Loved this episode. Thanks for not being afraid to get technical and even a bit nerdy!
210 sats
30 May
awesome episode!
100 sats
26 Nov
love keith and seedsigner 🧡