Episode 45: Might Makes Censorship
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Episode 45: Might Makes Censorship

15 Oct • 1hr 3m
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Show Notes

NYDIG lays off 30% of their staff (, guess all these finance pros didn't get their timing right
But apparently web3 devs ( are still going strong, doubtful
Paypal promotes bitcoin with a new censorship policy and financial fines for users (
The technical basis for their system makes this possible thus morally requires censorship
A massive taproot multisig broke btcd and LND (
Lyn Alden's October newsletter ( connects energy and soverign bonds: checkmate
Fiancial sage Russell Napier describes the portfolio insuranve use case for bitcoin (
Kim pumped an altcoin scam (, paid a fine, and the SEC acted like it was a big deal
CSW, aka "Faketoshi," argues with a bot on twitter (
His trial against Hodlnaut is revealing multiple frauds from CSW (
Mullvad is recomending using GrapheneOS on Android to reduce VPN data leaks (
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #221 ( has a long offline funds protection proposal
The story of Hydra ( is a fascinating look at Dark Net Markets
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Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (
The US Oil boom started in West Penn with Standard Oil, then moved to Texas
Value for Value
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Boost Notes
Intro to space chains ( and the Telegram discussion group (
Getting into the culture wars with this response ( to the Jordan Peterson is a philosopher comment and this list of Stephan M's various racist claims (
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The Adopting Bitcoin Conference ( Novem ber 15, 16 & 17, 2022 in El Salvador, use promo code BITCOINDAD for a 21% di scount
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10,001 sats
17 Oct
Great episode, guys. Keep up the great work.
10,000 sats
3 Nov
1,701 sats
17 Oct
Ooh! I get to offer a bit of a correction, though it's because I wasn't clear in my previous boost. I don't use my mined Monero to buy Bitcoin, I HODL that. I also stack sats every paycheck (And HODL those.) The sats I use for Podcasting is bought separately, as needed. I wish there was an easier way for the average person to mine Bitcoin, instead of these massive farming operations.
1,000 sats
16 Oct
When you say Apple's mobile language, I think you're referring to swift, not go. Golang is a language by Google but it's quite popular outside of Google as well.
369 sats
16 Oct
@ Chris I did the Monero mining on verry old xeons and i7 2x3 pcs... as a heater thingy. it didn't work for a 5x8x2.5 meters so 100M3 main room. I did not do the job. the white noise was loud and the mining was way to less to pay a part of the electricity. I do stil mine Monero on a pi, just for fun/learning.
21 sats
22 Oct