Episode 20: Be water, my friend, not exit liquidity
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Episode 20: Be water, my friend, not exit liquidity

Jun 4 2022 • 1hr 0m
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Show Notes

Anti-bitcoin personality promotes anti-crypto lobbying letter (
“The computational power is equivalent to what you could do in a centralised way with a $100 computer,” said de Icaza. “We’re essentially wasting millions of dollars’ worth of equipment because we’ve decided that we don’t trust the banking system.”
Turns out he works for a private blockchain ( company that ripped off its name ( from the best hacking game of the 2000s (
That said, most crypto lobbying is for altcoins
Why many successful people dismiss bitcoin (
Ubuntu-Mate is still taking bitcoin donations (
New York State prepares legislation to ban bitcoin mining ( and it sort of matters
Arthur's latest article ( ties together inflation, FED policy, and market's appetite for risk assets
The In Gold We Trust Report (
SEC goes after NFT insider trading (
The Hex Spam King ( is offering 40% APY on your investments
1.3M Etherium transactions failed in May ( and this is expensive (,time(2022-05-01..2022-05-31)#f=failed,gas_used,block_id,fee,fee_usd,gas_price,time,internal_value)
Weird video of a video of Vinay Gupta claiming Etherium exists to monetize ( the presale whale's holdings
Vinay has an odd "physical blockchain" product called matterum (
Seth's list of bitcoin privacy improvement technologies (
Ledger no longer supports ( running your own bitcoin node
Bitcoin Education
This week's bitcoin optech (
Thinking about the progressive case for bitcoin (
Block [report]( on global bitcoin adoption
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30,000 sats
Jun 5 2022
I wanted to make some Fountain clips of this episode but I couldn't decide on what parts to clip out because the entire thing is so damn good... here's a big boost instead to show my appreciation, bravo!
2,222 sats
Jun 5 2022
thanks for being such a great source of bitcoin education.
1,500 sats
Jun 5 2022
Recently discovered your podcast and enjoying indulging in listening to old episodes. Thanks. John from North Queensland.
1,000 sats
Jun 5 2022
Great show guys! To play devils advocate for alt coins like Solana and Cardano, I think they are more interesting when you think of them as competitors to developer platforms like AWS rather than Bitcoin. In that way, their purity in decentralization doesn’t matter as much as how well they market and cater to developers as a place to build and deploy apps. I’m thinking about the play2earn market as an example of this
500 sats
Jun 5 2022
Sometimes.... you all come across as "Crypto Critics Corner... But bitcoin". I want to hear more about btc! Understandably, the "crypto" news comes faster, but... more Bitcoin, Mr. Dadpod
5 sats
Sep 14 2022
5 sats
Sep 14 2022