Solo Rip 23
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 23

1 Oct • 32m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 23:
The cast iron maxi episode
-They’re scared of us
-CBDCs are Not anonymous
-Strike raises funding
-They want our kids (rant)
-Two types of slaves

And more...
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33,333 sats
9 Oct
boost boost boost!!
20,000 sats
3 Oct
on point!
3 Oct
7,777 sats
3 Oct
"Everytime you use [sic] crypto, you are exercising sovereign power that is diverting money from a corrupt and broken system of central banks, investment banks, and governments, into a system that is giving people hope." -Andreas A 2019
4 Oct
5,000 sats
2 Oct
3,333 sats
9 Oct
really loving hearing ya my brother! hope u don’t mind one piece of criticism, the cursing every other word is a bit distracting. I’m not saying don’t curse but it’s every other word. just like the podcast and thought maybe you didn’t notice my brother. hope I’m not coming off like a tool. just like the content and wanted to reach out. cheers my brother!
9 Oct
not a tool at all man. what kind of person would I be if I did t want to improve. In retrospect I can see where I blacked out in this one. It’s simply most of the of the stuff that’s going on upsets me. It rallies me up. I think any listener here would agree most of the content in this feed are not like in this episode (especially the main chain) . But I also believe my transparency, is a benefit to the listener, the passion to get on camera and show y’all my best along with my worst is key 🔑
love the passion brother ✊. just found ya via a clip from Texas slim and this was second episode I heard. already played a few more and I totally see what u mean! there’s plenty that are family friendly and can share…. yea man these lizards are trying to depopulate our planet so I try it 💯. you must be familiar with No Agenda right? yea I don’t need to ask u gotta be! love it brother snd I’ll be here often. cheers 🍻
9 Oct
indeed I am. I’m working close with Slim on his podcast initiatives, so no surprise you found me that way 🤝. What do yo do for No agenda?
I’m just a simple producer and listener. such a good podcast!
1,976 sats
2 Oct
Preach it...
1,000 sats
2 Oct
to the cast iron maxis! May we live long and stay hot!
400 sats
1 Oct
222 sats
1 Oct
i didn’t vote for that fuckin weirdo 🙌🏻
210 sats
1 Oct
"Well lizard lady, go fucking fuck yourself."
100 sats
2 Oct
I think y’all should talk about the tapsigners just got mine today they are awesome. Easy to use for beginners.
10 sats
8 Oct
10 sats
3 Oct
I love saying, “Fuck Udi” as much as the next Bitcoiner, but this rip haa too much unnecessary cursing for my taste.
yea it’s really distracting. I love the content but it’s every other word. it’s distracting