Episode 100: Fortress Not Trustworthy
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Episode 100: Fortress Not Trustworthy

16 Sep • 57m
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Show Notes

A very reasonable discussion on HN around the WTF Happened in 1971 ( website, the world is complicated, there are many ways to interpret history and the present, none are particularly satisfying
Binance.US cuts third of staff as CEO Brian Shroder leaves (
Binance.US, the United States arm of the crypto exchange, has cut around a third of its staff — or 100 positions — with its president and CEO Brian Shroder also departing the firm.
Binance.US Statment to CoinTelegraph:
“The [Securities and Exchange Commission’s] aggressive attempts to cripple our industry and the resulting impacts on our business have real-world consequences for American jobs and innovation, and this is an unfortunate example of that.”
They also say "not dead yet!"
“more than seven years of financial runway” amid its move to becoming a crypto-only exchange.
Cool post on the Japanese bitcoin community (, I knew wiz and Arthur Hayes hang out in Japan, but would love to incorporate the bitcoin scene into a trip there
Fortress Lost Customer Funds Prior to Acquisition by Ripple (
The Fortress Trust security breach ( is a fiat story, its not scary or exciting, just predictable with the ancient messy tech stack that U.S. corporate financial IT demands
Is an introduction to U.S. debt collection ( economics? It's certainly historical, and it speaks to the fragility of legacy financial agreements when compared to the on chain assurances of bitcoin
1 of the 2 'OneCoin' founders has been sentenced ( for his role in a crypto themed Multi-level marketing ponzi scheme
There is a podcast (
Brian Armstrong 🛡️ on X (
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin optech includes movement on tarot assets ( on lightning, another client side validated protocol
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100,001 sats
23 Sep
Congratulations on 100! Looking forward to Adopting Bitcoin 2023 reports.
40,000 sats
17 Sep
Essential listening. Congratulations on episode 100 ⚡
10,000 sats
19 Sep
9,000 sats
16 Sep
Happy 100 episodes! Glad to have been taking my journey with this pod to help me out. With having a seedsigner, how would i go about using a samourai to mix to cold storage? currently, just going direct from my node on chain to cold storage, but, starting to rethink that!
4,000 sats
18 Sep
Congratulations on 100! Wanted to throw some value back. Thank you!!
2,222 sats
16 Sep
While we're on decent Aussie exchanges I like to use PayBTC. You give them your address, send them fiat and then it appears. They only custody it for the 5 seconds it takes to verify payment. Super simple, no logins, minimal KYC.
1,111 sats
21 Sep
First episode I listened to, only just found the show. Gonna start listening to the other 99 episodes.
1,111 sats
18 Sep
congrats on 100
500 sats
16 Sep
On a second note, since it seems ill still be going up there, id be happy to figure out a price that works to buy that server from you for sure if you still have it.