Episode 73: Nuclear Buyback
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Episode 73: Nuclear Buyback

25 Apr • 1hr 30m
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Alexi, the developer of Tornado Cash, might be getting out on bail ( after 6 months in jail waiting a trial
Economics and Banking
The Treasury Borrowing Advisory Commitee (TBAC (, proposed a Treasury buyback program ( in February, another sign that Yield Curve Control is the solution to the U.S. Governments debt spiral
The 1 yr US Treasury bill continues to sharply invert (, expressing a negative economic outlook
Germany shut down its remaining nuclear plants ( after a multi-decade political shift against nuclear energy
Eon, a German energy producer, increased electricity prices by 45 percent ( in related news english version (
Trezor, a hardware wallet, adds coinjoin integration for user privacy, but its through Wassabi Wallets ZKSnacks' coordiator that does chain analysis on users ( before letting them coinjoin
MullvadVPN, a reputable privacy focused VPN provider, was served a warrant ( in Sweden, their home juristiction, no customer data was handed over since Mullvad collects no such data
jam ( is a webui on top of joinmarket, a maker-taker based coinjoin protocol that avoids the centralized coordinator issues of Samurai and Wasabi
Bitcoin Education
Let's talk bitcoin's security model ( to see if critique's of bitcoin security ( are useful or the new FUD
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5,000 sats
26 Apr
speaking of high priced learning. i misplaced my ledger seed phrase & it wouldn't sync w/my PC or phone. Ledger support is meh & slow. Fortunately after a super stressed night & poor sleep i thought enough to revert my pc version of ledger live, which allowed me to synve and get thay life savings off to a software wallet until i could get a new ledger and seed phrase setup. Lesson: keep multiple seed phrase copies in various secure locations.
5,000 sats
8 Jun
Loved this episode!
5,000 sats
28 Apr
“secured by a wall of energy protected by cyber hornets”🤣
2,222 sats
26 Apr
The problem with boosts is that sometimes you touch upon 5 different things and I want to comment on them all! I'll limit myself to this one. Earning a living from V4V is hard. I know Adam & John do it fantastically but it's a small sample size. I'm willing to devote several years to trying to make it happen but am relying atm more on a mixture of faith, intuition and trend predicting rather than hard data and examples. Here's some sats for your v4v journey!
1,499 sats
27 Apr
could the 'brics', Argentina, and others be proactive signs of US default? do you know a good pod to keep up on the shifting world finance, primarily not U.S. focused?
900 sats
11 May
somewhere in the sequence of Ducks you need to have Gizmo Ducks.