Episode 29: Peak Griftonomics
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Episode 29: Peak Griftonomics

Jul 18 2022 • 1hr 47m
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Show Notes

French wholesale CBDC iminnent (
Bank of Int'l Settlement's Project Jura ( shows development of multinational CBDC settlement systems
Conversations about the language of bitcoin ( in the context of European regulation (
Ars Technica doesn't understand why financial privacy is important (
Increased KYC/AML, 10k Euro cash limits, unhosted wallet reguations (
What bitcoin is actually doing ( is signing messages
Should U.S. Government Employees who work on crypto policy be allowed to own crypto (
Exploding ( Ruble-Yuan direct exchange volumes are another nail in the coffin of the Petrodollar
The Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank, is researching the effects of the bitcoin lightning network ( on blockspace demand and liquidity
Celcius finally files for bankruptcy (, and it's a chapter 11 ( meaning all depositors are getting wiped out
Voyager, a bankrupt cypto lender, lent 3ac, a bankrupt degen crypto hedgefund, ~$700M and they bought a dickbutt NFT ( with some of the money
Also 3ac has abandoned their offices (, looks like they're pulling a runner!
Loans were used to buy stupid NFTs (
Lyn Alden, a Financial Analyst, outlines a case for structurally higher energy prices ( for the 2020s
Expensive Gasoline Keeps More Summer Drivers Off Road Than at Height of Pandemic (
Latest EU report on bitcoin compares bitcoin to ICE cars (, it's pretty bad research
Bitcoin Education
The OP_RETURN war ( of 2014 pushed DAP development off bitcoin
No concept of a neutral bitcoin network
Idea of 'miss-using' transactions
Bitcoin Optech #208 ( is either really interesting or we're nerds
Tunnel your home node through a VPS ( courtesy of bitcoinlizard
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Jul 19 2022
ok i have become lazy and tired of hearing my nickname on various podcasts;-). so i stop boosting and start streaming sats. thanks
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Jul 20 2022
1,928 sats
Jul 18 2022
your cut of what fountain paid me to listen to shows I was going to anyway. thanks for making my drive time more enjoyable!
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Jul 21 2022
Thanks for the show! I enjoyed the oversized load format, even if it took me a few days to get through it. Your discussion about commercial banking made me think of something. If/when bitcoin wins, won't that also cause big problems for the economy if commercial banking is cut out and isn't there to give out loans, etc? Will coinbase be the new chase bank? Enjoy the last of my sats until I refill my wallet.
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Jul 20 2022
Interesting talk about OP_RETURN wars! ⚡💎💎🔥
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Aug 1 2022
straddling the Gen x divide with siblings that are definitively Gen x and definitely millennial, I see merit in both sides of the argument of where you can stick your Btc. i would rather selfhost that in my basement. however in case of fire flooding or foreign invasion I would much rather have it on the phone where I can just run off with it in my pocket. the problem of having it in your pocket it's still in your pocket when you fall in the lake. but that's what iCloud is for. bye 1st boost ever
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Aug 1 2022
Bitcoin dads rock!
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Jul 25 2022
great show, lots of thought provoking ideas
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Sep 11 2022
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Sep 10 2022
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Sep 10 2022
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Sep 11 2022
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