BCB024_CROESUS: Bitcoin, A Once In A Species Discovery

BCB024_CROESUS: Bitcoin, A Once In A Species Discovery

Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast

The renown pseudonymous Bitcoin thought leader @Croesus_BTC sits down with Josh & Dan for a profound conversation.

We Cover:

  • Why Bitcoin is a once in a species discovery
  • Croesus' mind blowing Bitcoin valuation 
  • How early we are in the Bitcoin adoption S curve
  • Bitcoin supply shocks & supply mechanics
  • The Yuppie Elite and Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin as analogous to the American western frontier 
  • Why the average worker and middle class need BTC


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Croesus is an pseudonymous Bitcoin thought leader. His background includes an MBA from one of the best business schools in the world and considerable time spent working as a management consultant with a focus on disruptive tech trends.


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