BCB084_KLIPPSTEN & BEI: FTX, Crypto Contagion, & Rescuing a Swan

BCB084_KLIPPSTEN & BEI: FTX, Crypto Contagion, & Rescuing a Swan

Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast

Cory Klippsten and Dom Bei join Josh and Dan for a rousing discussion ranging from a daring rescue on the beach to the FTX fallout and beyond.  


  • The FTX/Alameda fallout
  • The Pacific Bitcoin Rescue
  • Protecting your Bitcoin
  • The Pacific Bitcoin Conference
  • Swan Premium for FIre/Police/Military (swan.com/fire)



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Dom is a Captain at Santa Monica Fire Dept and the Union President of IAFF local 1109.  He responded with crews to an emergency when a Swan employee was injured on the beach.  Dom and the SMFD crew took full precautions and may have saved this person from paralysis.  Great job SMFD!


Cory is the Founder & CEO of Swan Bitcoin.  He also serves as an advisor to Unchained Capital & Riot Blockchain, and he's a partner at Bitcoin Ventures.  He earned his MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business, and in a past life he worked at Google, McKinsey, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley.


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