BCB016_JEFF BOOTH: Bitcoin...The Future of Humanity Depends on It

BCB016_JEFF BOOTH: Bitcoin...The Future of Humanity Depends on It

Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast

Jeff Booth, the Canadian Guru, joins Josh & Dan.

We discuss:

  • Deflation
  • The impacts of exponential innovation
  • Bitcoin & Energy
  • A.I. & Robotics
  • What Jeff would do if he were Fed chairman
  • Why Jeff is Bitcoin only
  • The potential threat of quantum computing on Bitcoin
  • And lots more...


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Jeff is the author of what we would characterize as one of the most important books in print today: “The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future.”  Reading this book prior to listening to this episode is not necessary but will certainly be additive.  Jeff was the co-founder and former CEO of BuildDirect, and he has an incredibly dense and successful background as an entrepreneur, tech leader, and strategic advisor.  Most importantly, Jeff is a family man, a visionary, and someone who cares deeply and wholesomely about the future of humanity.

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