Episode 39: Accidentally Debunking MMT (and POS)
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Episode 39: Accidentally Debunking MMT (and POS)

Sep 5 2022 • 1hr 22m
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Show Notes

Iran formalizing crypto import rules ( while addressing concerns around crypto mining energy use
Zoltan Pozsar's 'War and Industrial Policy' ( suggests that the future is Chirussia versus Eumerica
Kansas City Federal Reserve connects inflation and fiscal spending (
Coinmetrics has a report on the etherium POS transition (
Bitcoin Education
Jameson Lopp has run the numbers on bitcoin core code changes ( and its the highest standards software project ever, we think
Lyn Alden's lightning network deep dive (
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Sep 8 2022
joinmarket FTW! Samourai and wasabi can get rekt
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Sep 9 2022
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Sep 10 2022
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Sep 7 2022
first boost with what I earned from listening to the last episode! love this show. the way Dad and Chris explain Bitcoin, economics, politics, the other crypto projects, and human nature are unparalleled. keep up the amazing show.
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Sep 7 2022
I'm a total noob but you guys are really helping me understand Bitcoin
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Sep 6 2022
thanks for all you guys do. just got the fountain app, so sending what I earned for listening.
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Sep 7 2022
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Sep 6 2022
Love the show!
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Sep 7 2022
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Sep 6 2022
Nice show
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Sep 7 2022
from Italy
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Sep 6 2022
Italy is the 3rd economy in the EU and the 8th globally, I think you calling it a "non-entity" it's a bit an exaggeration... 🙂
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Sep 6 2022
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Sep 6 2022
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Sep 6 2022