Episode 23: Bulls, Bears, and Pigs
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Episode 23: Bulls, Bears, and Pigs

Jun 20 2022 • 1hr 58m
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Welcome to the Bear Market
If bitcoin is dead...why is the federal reserve doubling down on their FedNow ( CBDC bitcoin clone?
Hilarious video ( touting its benefits
The US White House is also doubling down on CBDCs (
Centralized solutions enable MORE monetary policy, not less, delaying the debt crisis (
Reading list for the Bear Market
Mastering Bitcoin ( by Andreas Antonopolus
Programing Bitcoin ( by Jimmy Song
Grokking Bitcoin ( is less technical, more like a comic
A hands on course for using a bitcoin node ( from the command line
Congressional Research Service releases a paper describing current stablecoin regulatory frameworks ( and a followup that outlines the regulatory options (
Jack Mallers gives a great interview ( with Business Insider and they don't publish it
Great response to every piece of FUD thrown at bitcoin, train up for no-coiner debates
Lyn Alden details the European Central Bank's monetary trap (
The Federal Reserve's Plan was a recession all along (
Cisco is a tech canary, when they freeze hiring ( it's a red flag
Celsius network halts withdrawls, appears insolvent ( and poised to take down other stealth crypto hedgefunds and lenders like 3ac (
Who could have known that the NBA would create huge numbers of NFTs ( to satsify demand for Top Shots, tanking their price?
Lyn's post-mortem of the vurrent crypto crash ( is also required reading to undrestand why all the alts go down and how that doesn't affect bitcoin's value proposition
Arthur Hayes latest blog post ( is a mix of failed predictions and an attempt to pump his DEX bags
DuckDuckGo searches seem to be plateauing (, might just be a blip but demand for privacy seems to be a persistent issue
Bitcoin Education
A list of bitcoin privacy proposals ( by Seth for Privacy
Certified Bitcoin Professional test (
Bolt Hackathon tutorials ( on youtube if you want to get started building on lightning
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Jun 22 2022
Liquidity Check
3,690 sats
Jun 21 2022
great show like the thechmical details
3,000 sats
Jun 22 2022
I loved the list of privacy proposal's. Always love me some Seth for Privacy too, so good episodes IMHO! Only thing that could make it better is Chris! Hope you had a good trip, Chris! Thank you Dad!
10 sats
Jun 22 2022
I sm glad I found your podcast 🙏🏼
10 sats
Jun 26 2022
10 sats
Sep 5 2022
5 sats
Jun 22 2022
Well done, clearly you are well versed on the technical side
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Sep 12 2022
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Sep 13 2022