@DavidStOnge - Hyperinflation and Writing A New #bitcoin book! #188

@DavidStOnge - Hyperinflation and Writing A New #bitcoin book! #188

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Today's pleb on the show is @DavidStOnge

who is a new author on the #Bitcoin scene and criminally underfollowed!

David and I met at the @SurfinBitcoin #bitcoin conference in #Biarritz put together by the team over @StackinSat_FR which was an awesome event. English only speakers would still have a great time hanging with the plebs and discussing the talks that the French guys could understand and translate!

Join @DavidStOnge and I as we talk about Hyperinflation and go through his personal collection of hyperinflated banknotes.

After researching hyperinflation events how was @davidstonge left feeling emotionally?

After a brief light bulb moment, what conclusions did we reach about expiry dates and CBDC's?

Why did @DavidStOnge write his book first in French and when can we expect an English version?

A huge thanks to @DavidStOnge for giving up his time to join the show and for all of his hard work, passion and plebiness.

Support David at his website below and follow on Twitter!


I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

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