BCB057_GREG FOSS & DAZBEA: Looking Glass Education
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BCB057_GREG FOSS & DAZBEA: Looking Glass Education

May 27 2022 • 1hr 22m
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In this episode Dan and Josh speak with Greg Foss and Dazbea about Looking Glass Education.  We were also able to draw some opinions about the current market out of these beautiful creatures.  
This Episode Covers:
Looking Glass Education
Foss' Investment Strategy
Bond Math
Bitcoin Equity/ Miner plays
Index Funds vs. Active Management
Bitcoin Night Terrors
Nipple Rings
Credit SHTF indicators

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Greg Foss has 25 years of experience in pricing and trading corporate credit and credit related structures. Prior to joining 3iQ Greg was Senior Portfolio Manager at Fiera Quantum LP where he was co head of Credit Strategy for the Fiera Quantum Diversified Alpha Fund and the Canadian ABCP Fund. Fiera purchased the funds from GMPIM where Greg was a managing Partner and Head Credit Trader. Previously, Greg spent five years as Vice President and Partner at Marret Asset Management where he was co-manager of the 2005 Morningstar “Canadian High Yield Bond Fund of the Year”. Greg has been published in the Financial Analysts Journal and the Journal of Commercial Lending on the subject of pricing credit risk. Greg holds an MBA from the Johnson School of Business, Cornell University (1988) and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University.
Daz is an electrician from Queensland Australia. He’s a massive fan of music and plays gigs part-time as a solo-acoustic guitarist and singer. Daz used his love of music to create a side income for himself and with this extra income, he was driven to find ways to invest. Having studied an engineering degree while working full time to support his young family (wife and 2 young boys) he funnelled these educational energies in learning about personal investment strategies.. He loves spending his spare weekends in the family caravan exploring different areas of Australia. He is passionate about educating people from finance to engineering to self-development.
The Looking Glass is an all-in-one educational platform built with the intention of empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures.
Our focus is on building and showcasing timeless educational content that is easy to read and free of jargon. This is achieved through various educational mediums such as audio, video, courses and long-form articles.
All of which are created with a common goal in mind, highlighting the ingenuity and potential of Bitcoin and removing the veil of complexity shrouding our monetary and economic systems.
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