BR022 - COLDCARD Q1 Announced, BTC Pay Server, Zeus, Keet goes mobile + MORE ft. Ben Carman & Odell
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BR022 - COLDCARD Q1 Announced, BTC Pay Server, Zeus, Keet goes mobile + MORE ft. Ben Carman & Odell

10 Feb • 1hr 11m
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Show Notes

I'm joined by guests Matt Odell & BentheCarman to go through the list.

Timecodes coming soon).


00:01:15 Special secret announcement: Q1

Software Releases & Project Updates

00:13:54 Sparrow v1.7.2
00:15:03 BTC Pay Server v1.7.5 - v1.7.6
00:16:57 Blixt 0.6.3
00:17:03 BISQ 1.9.9
00:17:31 Keet Mobile Alpha is Now Live
00:19:17 Blockstream Jade 0.1.42
00:19:30 Electrum Personal Server v0.2.4
00:20:11 Electrum 4.3.4
00:21:00 Specter v1.14.5
00:22:43 Liana 0.2rc1
00:23:51 Zeus v0.7.2
00:25:52 Nunchuk Android v1.9.24
00:26:17 Muun 2.7.3
00:26:30 Blockstream Green Android v3.9.2
00:26:39 Breez 0.15 http Sync
00:27:10 Hexa Wallet v2.1.3
00:27:37 BDK v0.27.0-rc.1
00:28:46 Mutiny Wallet
00:32:12 nix-bitcoin-0.0.86
00:32:34 MyNode v0.3.09
00:32:55 Joinmarket v0.9.9
00:33:46 Nostr
00:35:09 Cashu
00:35:28 Fedipool
00:38:38 Alby v1.25.1
00:40:32 The Bitcoin Company v1.25
00:41:14 Keeper v1.0.0

Project spotlight

00:41:51 Brainbow
00:42:23 HuntingSats
00:42:42 SATurn
00:43:22 DIY offline coin exchanger, EUR to BTC


00:43:37 Thanks to everyone who streamed sats, and shoutout to our top boosters: @apemithrandir, @marcellus, @hgw39, Jade Ox & @utxo_one.

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

00:45:25 Serverless payjoin proposal [236]
Bitcoin Core #26471 [236]
00:45:42 Ephemeral anchors compared to SIGHASH_GROUP [235]
Request for proof that an async payment was accepted [235]
00:46:28 Wallet Labels Export Format merged [235]
00:45:50 Proposal for new vault-specific opcodes [234]
00:45:58 Kraken announces sending to taproot addresses [234]
00:46:02 Whirlpool coinjoin rust client library announced [234]
00:46:06 Ledger supports miniscript [234]

News & Noteworthy

00:47:23 Cash App adopts free and instant bitcoin payments
00:49:24 Fiatjaf Tweet
00:51:59 Congress' FTX Problem
00:52:15 Blockstream Raises USD $125M to Expand Mining Operations
00:52:29 Fold launches enterprise rewards API
00:53:05 Lightning is live with Clover.
00:53:50 Bitcoin-based app Strike expands in Philippines
00:56:13 BTC Pay Server Vulnerability disclosure
00:57:11 Introducing Watch Swaps
00:58:03 BitMex Ordinals Data
00:58:41 Breez temporarily removed from app store
00:59:16 Dubai Prohibits Privacy Coins
00:59:29 Berlin and Nigeria Lightning Conferences Cancelled
00:59:39 Nostrica
01:00:41 The Power of Lightning Summit 2023
01:01:36 Laanwj: Of regrets
01:04:13 Opensats

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8,880 sats
11 Feb
i can listen to nvk talk all day. keep it up the great show!
11 Feb
boy, I can talk a lot 😅
2,100 sats
12 Feb
Great episode! Good to have Odell back on the show
2,100 sats
11 Feb
Fantastic pod as always, ty nvk 🤙
1,393 sats
11 Feb
Dear Coinkite: Here you go again pulling hardware out of my dreams and making it a reality to further complicate my decisions of whether to stack more sats, or buy your products... Keep doing what you do best, I'll keep watching, listening, and sleeping soundlu knowing that my sats are protected behind my own securely stored keys with Coldcard. Looking forward to getting my paws on a Q1. All the best.
11 Feb
1,000 sats
11 Feb
For the password manager, now that you have a keyboard, the user could just type the domain and it can display a (deterministic) password. Make it mnemonic like passwords that are quick to type. Bonus points for allowing user override passwords that are stored on the SD card.
11 Feb
yes, we are thinking about some different ways this could work
500 sats
11 Feb
Dat Q1 tho
500 sats
23 Feb
500 sats
23 Feb
100 sats
11 Feb
oh heyyyyyy 👋