Bitcoin Bill or Altcoin Shills?
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Bitcoin Bill or Altcoin Shills?

Jun 13 2022 • 1hr 39m
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NewsLumis & Gillibrand's massive crypto bill ( is probably not going anywhere soon but interesting:Definite Altcoin carvouts: allows altcoins to register as 'ancillary assets' ( regulationTiny tax-free cash carve out $200Disclosure requirements for ICOsLet's wait and see, but bipartisan support is tellingCFTC Chair wants BTC to become POS ( rights activists pen letter to congress ( in epic response/troll to last weeks 'concerned technologist's' letter ( Kasparov, Navalny's org, Nigerian feminists and Gladsteinwebsite is a copy, lolPayPal enables...
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Jun 13 2022
So I am curious about the whales. How many whales are there? And how big are they really? What sort of influence or effect do they have when they make a move? And I hear that Satoshi is out of the scene... but what happens if Satoshi does re-emerge? Or if Satoshi's wallet suddenly shows activity? Just how much of a whale is Satoshi? There seems to be a presumption that Satoshi is gone due to radio silence and the ultimate HODL... but what if those assumptions are all wrong? What then?
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Jun 13 2022
Another winner my dudes, love this show.
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Jun 17 2022
Love the show, but I feel like the editing has some room for improvement. Half of the last word before a cut often doest make it. In this episode, Chris had three takes at the start of a sentence and the first two weren't cut out. I've noticed that in other episodes too. My 2¢ and some sats to ease the criticism
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19 Jan
(going thru all back eps) FYI, it was the Gov of Missouri (aka the show me state) that called a reporter a hacker ““
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Jul 6 2022