BCB-Redux_Croesus: Once In A Civilization
Blue Collar Bitcoin

BCB-Redux_Croesus: Once In A Civilization

Apr 2 2022 • 1hr 45m
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Show Notes

This was our favorite conversation from 2021, we wanted to share it again.  We feel this episode encapsulates a wide range of ideas and condenses them into one place for easy consumption.  We feel this is our best episode to orange pill your friends!
The renown pseudonymous Bitcoin thought leader @Croesus_BTC sits down with Josh & Dan for a profound conversation.
We Cover:
Why Bitcoin is a once in a species discovery
Croesus' mind blowing Bitcoin valuation 
How early we are in the Bitcoin adoption S curve
Bitcoin supply shocks & supply mechanics
The Yuppie Elite and Bitcoin
Bitcoin as analogous to the American western frontier 
Why the average worker and middle class need BTC

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Croesus is a pseudonymous Bitcoin thought leader. His background includes an MBA from one of the best business schools in the world and considerable time spent working as a management consultant with a focus on disruptive tech trends.
"Asset DNA: Explaining Bitcoin’s Speculative Attack on the Dollar" (article)
"Am I Too Late For Bitcoin?" (article)
"Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin" (article)
"Bitcoin and the American West" (article)
Bitcoin Adoption Curve w/ Croesus (The Investor's Podcast)

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