Bitcoin mining ACTION NEWS UPDATE!

Bitcoin mining ACTION NEWS UPDATE!




ACTION NEWS UPDATE!!! Your source for news on the Bitcoin mining scene. We go beyond mining stats to give you the skinny, the scoop, the low-down, the info you need to know.

Red scare! Ruskies #1 in mining, not nyet. According to the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance: January-March quarter of 2023, Russia used 1 GW in mining capacity, while the United States maintained its lead with 3-4 GW. The Persian Gulf countries (700 MW), Canada (400 MW), Malaysia (300 MW), Argentina (135 MW), Iceland (120 MW), Paraguay (100-125 MW), Kazakhstan (100 MW), and Ireland (90 MW) rounds out the top 10.


Russian Mining (FYI article needs translated)


The right to mine; Arkansas and Montana Defend Bitcoin miners. Good news in the face of Texas Senate committee bill 1751 Arkansas and Montana both work on bills to defend Bitcoin mining. 


Arkansas Data Center Act


Montana Senate Bill SB178


Jason Vaughn Tweet


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