BCB049_MAURICIO & MARIO (LEDN): The Future of Financial Services

BCB049_MAURICIO & MARIO (LEDN): The Future of Financial Services

Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo & Mario Gibney from Ledn join Josh & Dan to discuss Bitcoin lending & borrowing as well as the broader economic and digital asset landscape. Ledn is a fascinating digital asset financial services company with a highly principled, Bitcoin forward perspective and a commitment to transparency.

We talk:

  • Proof of reserves
  • Bitcoin borrowing
  • Mathematical & systematic lending 
  • Why Bitcoin is pristine collateral
  • Inflation and how Mauricio's upbringing in Venezuela informs his perspective 
  •  Discerning risk in the crypto space
  • Ledn's Bitcoin mortgage product
  • Much more


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LEDN - A Bitcoin forward financial services company that has chosen to mirror and embrace the transparency, accountability, and auditability of Bitcoin itself by undergoing Proof of Reserves. Use Bitcoin as collateral and access dollar loans with Ledn Bitcoin backed loans. Harness your Bitcoin holdings to buy a new property or finance the home you already own with the upcoming Ledn Bitcoin Mortgage Product. Save Bitcoin and USDC and have access to Ledn's Dollar Loans and trading service. You can look into Ledn’s well architected menu of services at Ledn.io (All products and services subject to availability & jurisdiction.)  


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Mauricio Di Bartolomeo co-founded Ledn and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer.

Mario Gibney is the Director of Community at Ledn. Previously he spent time working at Blockstream, and he is one of the hosts on the Unhashed Podcast.


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