BCB020_GUY SWANN: Uncovering Satoshi & BTC Tales of Old
Blue Collar Bitcoin

BCB020_GUY SWANN: Uncovering Satoshi & BTC Tales of Old

Sep 2 2021 • 1hr 20m
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Show Notes

The "Voice of Bitcoin" Mr. Guy Swann joins Josh & Dan for a wide ranging rip session.
We Discuss:
Guy's current take on who Satoshi Nakamoto is...
Bitcoin’s early days
Austrian Economics
The Blocksize Wars
Nodes and the Umbrel project
Why open & dumb networks will rule the world
Bitcoin as freedom technology
Getting swallowed by sea monsters
Who is your Bitcoin Daddy?

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Guy got involved in Bitcoin in 2011 and has been obsessed ever since. He is the host of the phenomenal Bitcoin Audible Podcast, and is assuredly one of the most knowledgeable Bitcoiners in the world.  He has a robust background in networking & system administration, he’s an avid student of economics, and he literally reads and studies Bitcoin for a living.
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