31. In Defense of Deflation with Philipp Bagus
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31. In Defense of Deflation with Philipp Bagus

Feb 2 2021 • 1hr 21m
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This week we host Philipp Bagus, the economist who wrote the definitive Austrian treatment of deflation, In Defense of Deflation. We discuss the history of anti-deflation thought in economics, the different kinds of deflation, the consequences of deflation, and whether this is a problem for bitcoin. We also discuss Philipp's views on bitcoin, as well as his work on the Euro. Enjoyed this episode? You can take part in podcast seminars, access Saifedean’s courses and read chapters of his forthcoming books by becoming a member. Find out more here.THE BITCOIN STANDARD TOOLKIT/SPONSORSNYDIG - https://nydig.comCyphersafe - OKCoin - - - App -
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