Bitcoin monthly 0021

Bitcoin monthly 0021

27 Nov • 1hr 23m
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What did we miss? NLD bug, FULLRBF, FTX, anyone? Bitcoin Monthly with BQA and Antomous Bitcoin monthly 0021 In today’s episode we got back up to speed on all the software updates that were released over the last two months. BlueWallet has now enabled exporting transaction history and labels and we hope the various wallets out there can agree on a standard for this.  Samourai Dojo now allows you to access Fulcrum in your local network and SeedSigner published an experimental release for a custom SeedSigner operating system. This will be a huge jump in security and performance and it will also allow the removal of the microSD card once powered on. SparrowWalllet has added tab icons and it only took them 16 hours to integrate BQAs request to be able to adjust the QR-code density so less good cameras can read them. HodlHodl is now integrated with Trezor, Umbrel allows community app stores and Samourai Wallet has redesigned it's user interface for STONEWALLx2 and Stowaway collaboration as well as introduced a JoinBot for making collaborative spends without manually choosing a collaborator.  Getting into the major discussion points of the day we went through the details of both NLD bugs and gave our oppinions on the way the situation was handled by Burak who expoited the bugs. We also take our time to go through the pros and cons of the ongoing discussion around the new option FULLRBF in the pre-release of Bitcoin Core v24.0.  Lastly we touch on the accounts of Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provoost who attended the pro forma hearing in the case against Tornado Cash developer Alexy Pertsev. As always, I enjoyed speaking to these two and would urge anyone with questions to reach out my DM is always open. twitter - @MaxBitbuybit twitter - @bitbuybitpod Website - Show guests twitter - @BitcoinQ_A twitter - @antomousB Special mentions twitter - @AaronvanW twitter - @provoost twitter - @citadeldispatch twitter - @brqgoo As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions. Today you can exchange $1 for 6040 Sats (Sale ends soon.) Thank you, Foundation Devices, for sponsoring the show. Use code BITBUYBIT at check out for $10 off your purchase Links to discussed topics: BlueWallet: Samourai Dojo: SeedSigner: Sparrow: Trezor: Umbrel: LND: Nunchuk: Samourai Wallet:
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20,000 sats
27 Nov
love the monthly technical projects recaps… very useful content!
7,777 sats
28 Nov
tailscale. very interesting. I have been struggling with Tor. will try this.
2,121 sats
27 Nov
Excellent as always.
1,000 sats
28 Nov
Great job gents.💯
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29 Nov
I was really missing the monthly show. 🧡