Episode 36: Going Ad Hominem
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 36: Going Ad Hominem

Aug 23 2022 • 1hr 1m
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Show Notes

Even Politico has noticed that southern European countries will have a hard time staying in the Eurozone (
Craig Wright loses suit against Hodlnaut (, still costs $112,000 to Hodlnaut
The silent depression ( shows that personal experience of financial hardship m
Long form pieces about Kyle Davies and Su Zu ( of 3ac
Nova Labs, aka Helium, is still aquiring startups ( in a bid to remain relevant
No premine, but insiders take 35% cut every month (
Helium lies about business partnerships (, a typical scam technique
Brian Armstrong claims he would shut down Coinbase ETH staking ( rather than comply with OFAC censorship
Top 4 ETH staking pools make up nearly 58% of staking (
Bitcoin Education
Mapping the nodes of the bitcoin peer to peer network ( by Gloria Zhao
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Sep 6 2022
I just found your podcast. Very interesting stuff!
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Aug 23 2022
love this pod!
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Aug 25 2022
love the Bitcoin Dad Pod!
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Aug 23 2022
Great podcast. Btc the only safe haven 💥🙄💪
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Aug 25 2022
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Aug 30 2022
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Sep 8 2022
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Aug 24 2022