Solo Rip 33
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 33

10 Dec • 34m
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Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 33:
-A recession like no other
-HODL waves
-Staking? No one learns shit
-Bullish on bitcoin Africa and South America
-Strike update
-Influencers in bitcoin?
-FTX paid O’Leary
-Prepare. Don’t wait.

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10 Dec
Boost! Boost! Boost! 33 🙌
10 Dec
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11 Dec
hour might be heavy. speak faster instead 😝
11 Dec
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11 Dec
"Every bitcoiner's mother's mother..." Dude, in a few years I'll ve able to say that i was early on this Jose guy doing a little show called Talking in Bits.
11 Dec
only possible with signal chasers like you 🤝
150 sats
10 Dec
Love your rips and that you don't focus on the day to day news like FTX and the pomps of the world. The taking a step back philosophical/future thinking is where it's at. Keep pumping out the content and doing good work! Make Gigi a recurring guest if he has time, you guys vibe well.
10 Dec
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10 Dec
100 sats
10 Dec