When Your Dream Gets Derailed
Living Up In A Down World

When Your Dream Gets Derailed

31 Jan • 39m
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Show Notes

Life happens and the dream you were living gets derailed. How do you navigate disappointment and disillusionment when you thought you were on the right track? Join Jimmy and Annette in a real and raw conversation on the topic, "When Your Dream Gets Derailed."


100,000 sats
1 Feb
Congratulations on #4, and more! These are becoming a must listen. Thank you for sharing. It is much needed.
77,777 sats
1 Feb
Dame Annette taking theblead in this episode was great! Thanknyou for your openess and honesty!
77,777 sats
6 Feb
I hope that nobody at Hill Country Bible Church hears this, but Jimmy is my new Pastor. Thank you for helping me in my growth and for being a sincere friend. And the words of encouragement. And your humor! God bless you and not just the ones we care about, but those who need to hear our stories.
Brian, we’ll keep it to ourselves. LoL. Thanks for the encouragement and I’m really thrilled that you growing on your faith journey!
20,000 sats
31 Jan
Such an amazing story of faith and trust. Absolutely love your story and you two! ❤️
10,000 sats
6 Feb
just listened to your first four episodes. was turned on to this by Adam. your doing a great job!
2,222 sats
1 Feb
Sounds like you will be at 100 episodes before you know it.
1,000 sats
1 Feb
Loved your comments about trust. I needed to hear that this week. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story illustrating that God truly is a God of miracles.
500 sats
12 Feb
great show,, thanks for letting us all in on your journey.