Episode 42: Move Fast and Break...Eggs?
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Episode 42: Move Fast and Break...Eggs?

26 Sep • 58m
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Show Notes

Signet Fediment instance is live (
Signet ( is a test network for bitcoin that is more centralized than testnet (, making it more reliable
Even Japan is experiencing inflation ( and the yen has lost ~40% of it's value this year
But inflation in Japan is only 3% and their currency is down 40%, maybe something else is going on (
Even professional altcoin market makers are getting hacked (
But it was a vanity address problem, which has also popped up on bitcoin (
Celsius and Voyager bankruptcy procedings ( are weird, FTX shows up everywhere
[Crypto exchange FTX]]( achieves high private valuation in a crypto bear market
Cryptocurrency exchange FTX saw its valuation swell to $32 billion in a new funding round announced Monday, highlighting continued appetite for the sector even as investors grow wary about a sharp pullback in crypto prices.
The Bahamas-based company said Monday that it raised $400 million in a Series C financing round — its third fundraise in the last nine months.
Bitcoin Education
Jameson Lopp on the tricky logic of UTXO selection (
K3tan's homelab ( might be a good topic for discussing serious self hosting setups
Check out his self-hosted bitcoin node guide ( and this companion piece (
Bitcoin Optech goes drivechain-ey (
The surprisingly simple math ( underlying the argument for monetary tail emission
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Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (
None today!
Value for Value
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Sponsors and Acknowledgements
The Adopting Bitcoin Conference ( Novem ber 15, 16 & 17, 2022 in El Salvador, use promo code BITCOINDAD for a 21% di scount
Music by Lesfm from Pixabay
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my buddy Clarkian's got me chugging the Kool aid. Can you guys recommend 2 or 3 resources for beginners, beyond something like the Bitcoin white paper?
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hope your doing ok chris , sound a little raspy
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