Episode 71: Dimon Handz
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 71: Dimon Handz

9 Apr • 1hr 25m
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BDP 71
Coin CEO Bob Lee was stabbed to death ( in San Francisco
The peer to peer (sort of?) exchange Paxful has shut down ( and wants users to withdraw funds amidst regulatory and other pressures
2016 bitcoin talk forums were already suspicious ( of paxful
Crypto hedgefund scammers Kyle Davies and Su Zu are involved with OPNX, an exchange to trade the bankrupt claims the two scammers created (
Economics and Banking
The U.S. Federal Reserve never talks about eurodollars, but a former FED trader gives a very FED-ish take ( on eurodollars in a period of bank deposit risk
Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan a GSIB investment bank, summarizes the problem of balancy sheet capacity ( that led to the SVB bank failure
Texas Legislature votes to limit participation ( in demand response schemes to less than 10% ( of all demand response capacity
Texan bill to create gold-backed digital currency ( is slightly baffling
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #245 covers a new proposal for watchtower accountability ( on lightning
Neutrino is a bitcoin node ( that validates but does not store the entire history
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installed sparrow with persistance data.
multisig with 3 paper wallets and another single sig paper wallet.
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7 Jun
I'm on a road trip from Spokane Washington, to Missoula Montana! streaming and boosting on the way!
5,000 sats
11 Apr
This electric price thing is purely FUD. This is people who opted for the "cheaper" electric price and chose a variable rate vs fixed. Through Snow-magedon and this past summer my prices have barely fluctuated because I opted for a "higher" fixed rate. I've got the electric "receipts" to prove it.
3,333 sats
12 Apr
Similar to mortage rates, retail customers in Texas choose between fixed or variable rate plans themselves, ERCOT doesn't force anyone to pay spot prices. That being said, I would never choose variable rates myself with today's unreliable generation fleet.
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10 Apr
It's not up and running fully yet but Podfans should have a budgeting/auto boost feature in the near future. I'll keep you informed when it's live 😎
2,222 sats
11 Apr
thanks for the insight as always! on the topic of countys using BTC but limiting citizens for having access. I feel like we need a BTC backed CBDC on our bingo card of the current world financial dumpster fire. would in the surface give uneducated users the access to long time saving of BTC but on the backend the government will have all the controls it could ever want... that might be a part of the darkest timeline...
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10 Apr
post show boost
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13 Apr
Great content/info. Keep it going. 👍
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10 Apr
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