EMBRACE THE CHAOS: Preston Pysh x American Hodl x Walker  (THE Bitcoin Podcast ep. 69)

EMBRACE THE CHAOS: Preston Pysh x American Hodl x Walker (THE Bitcoin Podcast ep. 69)

THE Bitcoin Podcast

"we're an unruly people. We're supposed to be unruly and free and dirty and unwashed and crass. That is the American ethic and ethos. Live free, baby, or die."

To celebrate episode #69 of THE Bitcoin Podcast, today's episode features not one but TWO guests: Preston Pysh and American Hodl. These are two of my favorite people I've met through Bitcoin, and both have been on this show before. So I figured what better way to celebrate episode #69 than with a double whammy. You're going to love this one...

Preston Pysh original episode: https://youtu.be/zlHO2o-7Xg4

Preston on Nostr: https://primal.net/preston


American Hodl original episode: https://youtu.be/srmS5ZqpNSU

Hodl on Nostr: https://primal.net/hodl


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