Solo Rip 39
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 39

21 Jan • 38m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 39:
- Bullish on bitcoin America
-Chips being made in America
-Texas report endorsing full bitcoin
-First bitcoin class at Texas A&M
-New Hampshire
-Bank of America clients missing money
-Embassy suite update (Joinmarket, Robo Sats)
-Odell on McCormick and my experience recording Pete
-In the fountain top 10 (talk my shit)

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40,000 sats
1 Feb
40's the new 💯 Congrats
10,000 sats
21 Jan
this is not a test 🙃
10,000 sats
24 Jan
shit man im as normal as pumpkin pie and i get it. keep up the honesty. if ua stop i will have to hunt ya down
7,777 sats
22 Jan
You were definitely the first podcaster to call out Peter, by a long shot. That's what caught my attention.
1,000 sats
21 Jan
test boost
500 sats
21 Jan
not much information, just pumping yourself
256 sats
21 Jan
Great episode! Would love to move my family to TX. NV doesn’t allow you to use a majority of products, River, or accepting sats on Shopify ect.
210 sats
21 Jan
Another motivating rip. Jose, let me know if there's a way for a pleb to contibute. I know listening, boosting, and recommending the pod is something, but I want to help more.