FTM 017 W/ Greg Foss-New Data Suggests The Global Financial System Just Broke!
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FTM 017 W/ Greg Foss-New Data Suggests The Global Financial System Just Broke!

27 Oct • 59m
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The financial markets have never been more chaotic than they are today! From currency wars to crashing real estate and stock markets, NOBODY knows what’s coming next in the markets.
🔥This is why I reached out to an expert in the industry to break it all down and tell us what comes next! Greg Foss is a legacy financial veteran who brings 30-years of experience as a bond trader to the Bitcoin space.
In this video we broke all of this down as well as talked about all of the topics below:
Timestamps: 00:00
Introduction 03:50 $50 TRILLION wiped off the bonds & stocks
15:00 US Debt Spiral
18:00 Hyperinflation Coming?
21:15 Bank Of England is Bankrupt
35:05 European Debt Crisis 2.0?
36:20- Bitcoin Is The Solution To The Fiat Ponzi!
38:00 Bitcoins volatility is now less than the DOW!
43:35- Putin pricing oil in Bitcoin?

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