35 - GL.iNet Interview: Slate AX and Travel Routers
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35 - GL.iNet Interview: Slate AX and Travel Routers

Aug 30 2022 • 31m
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Gabriel Custodiet speaks with a representative of the travel router company GL.iNet about their new Slate AX router, as well as a history of the company and some best practices. Travel routers are small Wi-Fi devices that allow users to easily add a VPN. They have with the ability to protect both the IP and the MAC address of all connected devices.   GL.iNet links → → →   Particular GL.iNet routers mentioned (newest to oldest) → → →   Watchman Privacy → (newsletter, consultation requests) → →   Bitcoin Privacy Course →   Monero Donation Address (If you can't see the whole string, double click in the middle to select all) →8829DiYwJ344peEM7SzUspMtgUWKAjGJRHmu4Q6R8kEWMpafiXPPNBkeRBhNPK6sw27urqqMYTWWXZrsX6BLRrj7HiooPAy   Please subscribe to and rate this podcast wherever you can to help it thrive. Thank you!
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