62 - Crowd-Sourced Digital Privacy: PrivacyGuides.org

62 - Crowd-Sourced Digital Privacy: PrivacyGuides.org

The Watchman Privacy Podcast

Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Jonah Aragon and Niek de Wilde of PrivacyGuides.org. They cover a variety of digital privacy topics including making use of frontends, the demise of Firefox, the superiority of native applications, self-hosting, RSS readers, and backing up our computers.

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→ https://www.privacyguides.org


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→ https://www.amazon.com/Watchman-Guide-Privacy-Financial-Lifestyle/dp/B08PX7KFS2


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0:00 – Introduction
3:51 – How should we evaluate digital privacy services?
4:33 – How important is a company’s stance on privacy (example: VPN)? 
6:12 – How to make Tor a bigger part of our lives
8:49 – Does Tor have a backdoor?
10:46 – Using frontends for social media privacy
12:50 – Recommended browser, and are we heading toward the death of Mozilla Firefox browser?
16:11 – Using native applications vs browser versions of services
18:45 – What are privacy seekers exposing that they don’t appreciate as much as they should?
20:08 – Is self-hosting the answer?
23:22 – News aggregators aka RSS readers
26:01 – Process for backing up data
27:34 – Final thoughts


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