BCB112_Ordinals, RFK Jr., Splicing, Ark & A.I. (Bitcoin 2023 Recap w/ Chris Alaimo & Dom Bei)
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BCB112_Ordinals, RFK Jr., Splicing, Ark & A.I. (Bitcoin 2023 Recap w/ Chris Alaimo & Dom Bei)

3 Jun • 1hr 10m
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Show Notes

Josh & Dan are joined by Chris Alaimo and Dom Bei to discuss some of the most interesting talks from Bitcoin 2023.  We give the wizards a second chance, learn about some INCREDIBLE second layer developments with Ark and Splicing, then turn the guns to RFK Jr’s speech, and finish with our thoughts on AI development in the context of Bitcoin.
Talks we focus on in the episode:
—The Great Ordinal Debate
—The Ark Announcement
—Splicing on Lightning (Timestamp 3:57- 4:16)
—RFK Jr. Keynote
—Will A.I. Dream of Electric Bitcoin
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1,000 sats
8 Jun
Erik wall is retarded. the only thing they did was raise fees before rather than later. why the fuck would he need to "experiment" on btc to learn what eth already knows. the info is in eth already. 😂 he's s fucking clown trying to protect his trading
500 sats
8 Jun
great recap guys 🤙