Tech Tips to Start the School Year - HoET184

Tech Tips to Start the School Year - HoET184

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Feedback & Shoutouts (1:26)

PodcastPD is back! Check out our latest episode, "Tips and Tricks for First-Year Teachers." Stacey Lindes, AJ Bianco, and I collected and share our own tips for the first-year educator.

Amy Marquez - NEW LISTENER! She's passionate about technology integration and building a lifelong love of learning and literacy. She's a high school librarian and instructional technology trainer.

EdTech Thought (6:14)

Stop Posting Students' Faces on Social Media - inspired by @thedaringenglishteacher on Instagram.

Checkout her original post.

EdTech Recommendation (8:52)

From @emilyy.nicholee on TikTok

Clean and bring new life to an older whiteboard

  1. Clean it as best you can
  2. For hard to clean areas use a magic eraser
  3. Apply WD40 with a clean rag to your entire WB

If you're still not sure about TT go listen to episode 149 - TikTok in Education for Educators

Featured Content (11:21)

Tech Tips to Start the School Year

  1. Make friends with the tech team at your school and in the district.
  2. Learn how to use new features in your Learning Management System
  3. Write down your passwords
  4. Try One New App and/or Strategy
  5. Be Intentional About Reflecting

Just Give It A Try (19:26)

What are you looking forward to trying in the coming months in your classroom or school?

Submit responses by 8/27

House of #EdTech VIP (21:48)

Leena Saleh - The EdTech Guru

Leena is a former educator with more than 10 years of classroom experience and is extremely passionate about the world of technology and how it transfers into the classroom to make our students #workforce ready. She believes that providing students the skills for our future is absolutely vital and is important to creating a more equitable opportunity for ALL students. She also believes that exposure creates opportunity.

Leena has worked with hundreds of Educators, Thought Leaders, and Edtech Companies guiding them through this next 'era' of Education.

Join Leena on YT as she explores hot topics in the world of education, tech tips, and even a bit of career guidance.


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