Episode 52: Spoiler Alerts
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Episode 52: Spoiler Alerts

28 Nov • 1hr 22m
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Show Notes

Bitcoin craigslist alternative ( launches
FTX bankruptcy turning into a contest between Bahammas and US ( regulators over who gets to go after FTX's assets
MetaMask will start collecting user IP addresses (
bitcoin core v24 released (
A debate about decentralization for mastadon (
Alexi P still being held but now charged with moneylaundering (
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin core version 24 ( released
k3tan's Sparrow wallet guide is a good way to start self custody (
Bitcoin OpTech #227 ( has little news, lots of information
Adopting Bitcoin Recap
Fediment creater Eric Sirion on comunity banking ( with privacy by default
Things aren't perfect in El Salvador ( but its coming from a low bar
Remember to get in touch or @bitcoindadpod ( on twitter
Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (, details here (
paraparasol on Hong Kong penal code
Value for Value
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Fountain ( podcast app (Android)
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Thank you for participating at and contributing to Adopting Bitcoin, Dad! Stoked to hear you'll come again and bring Chris with you in '23. PS: videos from the conference are available on, cheers
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30 Nov
Great show.
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24 Jan
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28 Nov