Episode 43: TickTok Activated Softforks with Paul Sztorc
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Episode 43: TickTok Activated Softforks with Paul Sztorc

7 Oct • 2hr 15m
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Show Notes

Edward Chancellor Devil Take the Hindmost (
Mercea Popeski's best quotes ( courtesy of Pete Rizzo
And his "former lover's" blog (
Swan aquires the company ( behind Specter wallet (
Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev still being held 7 weeks without charge ( and Dutch authorities are selling his car?
When Taproot? ( tracks taproot integration in projects and provides education to developers, bitcoin upgrades can take time to become widespread (
A modern look at the Trinity Study ( and what it says about human's search for monetary stability (
The Trinity Study tried to debunk a 10% withdrawl rate, not support a 4% rate
The Blues and the Greens (, one of Paul's favorite allegories
Some detail and texture of the early 20th century gold standard (
The Apple Card is worse than subprime (, turns out making phones doesn't make you a good CC issuer?
A primer on bond investing ( from Lyn Alden as a way to think about the
ErgoBTC contributes to privacy guru Michael Bazzell's pro-privacy magazine (
Speaking of Michael Bazzell, his guide on a DIY credit freeze ( is a must do for all people in the USA
Software Updates
Fountain podcast app now supports a queue ( and carplay - Chris seemed to think that was important
Bitcoin Education
Lopp on encrypted cloud backups (
ZeroSync - an instant blockchain syncronization proof ( might allow nodes to instantly sync to the bitcoin mainchain
Uses bitcoin's assumeValid ( flag and implements utreexo (
In Bitcoin Optech #219 ( Anthony Towns describes a bitcoin fork for testing soft fork proposals on Signet, useful for Drivechains?
Paul discusses alternative drivechain activation methods (
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Lopp's bitcoin resources ( for learning about all aspects of bitcoin
Paul's drive chain ( resources
Run a drive chain here (
None today!
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3,333 sats
9 Oct
Excellent interview with Paul Sztorc--please keep up the lineup of these amazing guests! No shortage of fascinating topics. Here's a row of swans to propose more talk about Swan Bitcoin and other companies that use external custodians (Prime Trust, etc.), which may limit the business options Swan and similar outfits (and maybe more counterparty risk). CrowdHealth's investment in Swan Bitcoin may be a topic for another episode, also. I'm curious how that works, and how far down the risks extend.
1,701 sats
8 Oct
Loved having Paul on the show! Would love to see him back again! (Miss you, Chris!) One thing I really like about Monero, that I simply don't think Bitcoin can fix at this point, is the ability for the average person to mine using consumer hardware. My current system is I mine Monero (P2pool FTW), I buy Bitcoin.