Solo Rip 38
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 38

14 Jan • 45m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 38:
-Transparency about the show. What I’ve been thinking.
-Dissect the pomp video
-Dorsey to enable lightning on Block POS
-Sailor jumping into lightning
-New Fountain update
-Peter zeihan on Rogan

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22,224 sats
18 Jan
Boosting working again after weeks 👍 Boost! Boost! Boost! cheers brother!
22,222 sats
15 Jan
21,212 sats
14 Jan
you must remember a large part of the bitcoin community is not that honest. thats how pomp is where he is. reborn whores will congrate in the temples. youre like rock n roll not always the most popular but always rufflin the feathers. the tortise always wins in the end
20,000 sats
14 Jan
pomp got me started with bitcoin podcasting and overtime I can’t stand him either. He was all noise and now I’m finding the real signal here with TIB!
14 Jan
I appreciate that good sir! working hard to get back to prime TIB form
10,000 sats
14 Jan
Happy ⚡️whiteoaper day on Solo Rip! Lighting still works, let the haters hate. we out here on the V4V!
14 Jan
💯. Haters going do what they do