56: "Burger Buns"
Curry and The Keeper

56: "Burger Buns"

21 Sep • 1hr 18m
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Show Notes

Curry & The Keeper - September 20th 2023 Episode 56 - "Burger Buns"

Art by: Craig Weinberg

Executive Producers:
Michael Anastasio
Anne Lorys
Joseph Gasz
Debbie Willman
Associate Executive Producers:
Allie Jade
Dave Wade Gainer
Pimping me out
Final teeth Oct 16th
Bridge mishap and Boerne vs Kerrville
Phoebe wash/no wash and weight
Council meeting
In 1 Timothy 2:1-4, we are instructed to “pray for all people…for kings and those who have authority.”
David & Andrea dinner
Catfish Ann and James
Tasting Room Goodies
The Wine

Bridge Church Fredericksburg Texas
3 Apps with purchase built in - MoonPay
PO Box 1849 - Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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26 Sep
Another great episode! So proud of the Keeper and her Carnivorious journey! Cheers to KandC Cattle Co and all of the small farmers and ranchers who are keeping the faith! Adam, so looking forward to our next Bro Date when Tina heads to Utah! Love ya both! KTLD and KYBO! - Pastor Jimmy & Dame Annette 🪣💦
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23 Sep
see note at
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27 Sep
I’m here to “honor my nomination” for my performance on episode 56. I’d like to thank my director, my writers, makeup, wardrobe, DP, casting director, and someone whose job title I can’t mention or I’ll get a talking to, but let’s just say, she always gets me ready to perform. However, I can not in good faith accept the Oscar. The true talent came from the Wrath-Daddy. Congrats, TJ! Excellent production! Please keep my number in your Rolodex. We have more work to do! ITE y’all!
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26 Sep
howdy Lovebirds Tina and Adam, Today, I'd like to recommend my AI helper that has been instrumental in my day job as a cloud computing plumber. It's called ChatGPT and can be found at chat dot OpenAI dot com ( ). Specifically, I suggest the premium version, ChatGPT PLUS, which offers more features, including a high-IQ LLM. This AI helper has saved me MANY months of work. Yo!, CSB.
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22 Sep
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22 Sep
boost for boobs!
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21 Sep
First boost! love it. From Sir Vince of the PNW