Ep 27: Servant Leaders

Ep 27: Servant Leaders

I Am Texas Slim

In Episode 27, "Servant Leaders," Texas Slim discusses his relationship with four distinct individuals, each bringing a unique perspective to the table.

Dr. Brooke Miller, a family physician and cattle rancher, discusses the challenges faced by the ranching industry, particularly the monopolistic control of the Big Four packing companies. He emphasizes the importance of breaking up these monopolies and leveling the playing field for ranchers. Dr. Miller also talks about the Beef Initiative's role in educating consumers about the health benefits of beef and the sustainable practices of ranching.

Chris Watkins, a football coach at West Texas A&M University, shares his philosophy of servant leadership. He believes in leading with authenticity and service, rather than ego. He discusses his journey towards health and how he came across Texas Slim and the Beef Initiative through social media. Chris sees his role in the Beef Initiative as a way to introduce his players and the communities he works in to local farmers and ranchers.

Justin Trammell talks about his processing center and the importance of local food systems. He explains the difference between small and large processors in terms of volume and quality. Justin also shares how he met Texas Slim and his involvement in the Beef Initiative.
 Clyde Sommerlatte, a seasoned cattle rancher with over 70 years of experience. Clyde shares his journey, starting from his first calf at the age of seven, to running a commercial cattle business, and eventually moving to the Angus breed. He discusses the importance of responsibility, a value instilled in him by his grandfather, and how he has passed this on to his son.

Overall, the episode emphasizes the importance of community, local food systems, and servant leadership in creating a sustainable and healthy future.

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