Episode 77: Bitcoin: TNG w/ Anthony Park
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Episode 77: Bitcoin: TNG w/ Anthony Park

10 May • 29m 8s
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Show Notes

Interview: Anthony S. Park - Bitcoin Executor
Note: no affiliation with Anthony and this conent is focused on practices in the United States
Make a plan since dealing with an estate ( is harder than you think
Anthony on not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good ( in your estate planning
Say hi to Anthony on twitter at @btcexecutor ( or checkout his podcast that he didn't mention (
A bitcoin executor nomination ( in your will
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5,000 sats
13 May
get an attorney, the bank kwpt my step dad's noney in several accounts when he passed. He didn't have my mom listed on all of his accounts and didn't have a will, so she couldn't get them and the bank kept them. Go Florida, then I'll see you in TX :D
2,222 sats
10 May
Fantastic chat Dad, I learned a lot from this! For those of us who haven't listened to all the past episodes would you mind sharing (or point us towards) the story/learnings of your multisig electrum loss. Might also be helpful for avoiding catastrophic mistakes
1,000 sats
10 May
great ep, love deep dive into passing sats onto our loved ones, time to rethink my setup.
300 sats
12 May
Tossing and some extra sets to put @fearghasbalz over the 1k limit. Go podcasting!
100 sats
12 May
recommendations for Lightning Wallets for mobile devices??